A gym owner-cum-instructor in Chamarajpet was recently arrested by the Bengaluru police for selling steroids at exorbitant rates to customers who wanted a lean or muscular body quickly. The incident is reflective of the rampant usage of steroids in the fitness industry today, frequented by youngsters looking for quick fixes for social mediaRead More →

Team sizes grow with age.’ Photograph: Getty Images Tag rugby, age 5+ Noncontact, using tag belts; tackles are replicated by pulling off a tag. Great for learning the basics – passing, evasion and fitness. There are no set pieces (lineouts or scrums). Pitches are small. Team sizes grow with age;Read More →

A raw food diet may sound appealing, especially if you don’t have time to cook healthy delicious meals. You may also have come across studies like this one, which concluded that eating raw fruits, veggies and nuts lowers blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Many people are also underRead More →

Diabetes is a chronic condition and if not treated on time can lead to poor health outcomes. Fortunately type 2 diabetes can be controlled by a healthy diet, weight management and regular physical activity. A healthy diet comprises of foods that are high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Fiber constitutes anRead More →