Packenham encouraged attendees to get screened and attend sessions that would help them understand the results they received. (Photo courtesy of Steve McCaw) More than 1,000 women and men from across North Carolina gathered for the fifth annual Women’s Health Awareness (WHA) conference at North Carolina Central University in Durham. This year’sRead More →

01/8On a diet? Follow these rules Whether you are planning to reduce a few inches from your waistline or just adopt a healthier lifestyle, there is no real harm in dieting, as long as you do not go to extreme lengths. 02/8Eat mindfully Sometimes, we do not realize that makingRead More →

01/6How Mediterranean diet can help you control overeating A new study measured the outcomes of a long-term Western diet to that of a Mediterranean diet on obesity-related diseases and found that a Mediterranean diet can help you maintain a healthy weight. Have a look! 02/6The study “By comparison, the animalsRead More →

Signs of what the future may look like in women’s health dotted the exhibit floor of the Society for Breast Imaging (SBI)/American College of Radiology (ACR) Breast Imaging Symposium in Hollywood, Fla. Notable was an emphasis on productivity. “We can be more productive and not lose anything (of diagnostic value),” said Pam Cumming, senior director ofRead More →

Summer is surely not a skin-friendly time. Apart from sunburns and suntans, your skin also becomes too oily, dry and dehydrated. While skin health is most likely to depend on your nutrition, excessive temperatures can surely take a toll and have negative impact on the skin. The most productive way toRead More →

At Susan G. Komen — a local, non-profit organization geared towards health and wellness — every day is a step closer to innovative solutions and advancements in women’s well-being. Tiosha Bailey, the firm’s current executive director, is testing new strategies and tools that can aid in the eradication of breast cancer. Through direct financingRead More →