New Skin Care Brand Powered by Tulips

New Skin Care Brand Powered by Tulips

A new skin care brand is giving new meaning to flower power; Bloomeffects is being billed as first skin care brand to harness the “previously unknown regenerative and hydrating properties of the tulip.”

Bloomeffects was inspired by the award-winning tulips from the van Haaster Family, a tulip-farming family with more than 100 years of experience and the privilege of serving as a direct supplier to the royal family in England.

Through tulip stem cell research, the firm said it discovered the potential for effective and significant skincare benefits that include skin-nourishing amino acids and promotion of cellular growth, collagen and natural humectant properties. With these findings, Bloomeffects created an exclusive proprietary “Dutch Tulip Complex” and set out to create a first-of-its-kind formula and significant skin care experience with an assortment of products that cleanse, hydrate, clarify and enhance the complexion. The initial product offering includes:

Products include Royal Tulip Cleansing Jelly (cleansing balm), Royal Tulip Nectar (moisturizer) and Dutch Dirt Mask.

The brand’s packaging is primarily made of recyclable materials and FSA-certified paper is used for all packaging materials. In addition,  Bloomeffects is also the first beauty brand in the US to use PICEA wood tubes (more 95% of the materials used in the tubes come from renewable resources).

Founders Kim Jensen and Monica Aurigemma have more than 10 years of experience in the beauty industry working with both established and indie brands.

The range is being sold online and at Bluemercury.