A gym owner-cum-instructor in Chamarajpet was recently arrested by the Bengaluru police for selling steroids at exorbitant rates to customers who wanted a lean or muscular body quickly. The incident is reflective of the rampant usage of steroids in the fitness industry today, frequented by youngsters looking for quick fixes for social mediaRead More →

Team sizes grow with age.’ Photograph: Getty Images Tag rugby, age 5+ Noncontact, using tag belts; tackles are replicated by pulling off a tag. Great for learning the basics – passing, evasion and fitness. There are no set pieces (lineouts or scrums). Pitches are small. Team sizes grow with age;Read More →

Every day we’re faced with stresses that challenge us, leaving our minds busy and frazzled. Taking even 10 minutes a day to focus on yourself allows the mind time to quieten. Here are a few tips to get started. Just stop Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed andRead More →

‘This pose is great for full-body relaxation.’ Photograph: Supplied by Fierce Grace With so much time spent on tablets, phones and computers, our neck muscles are under pressure. Here are two simple moves that will bring some relief. If you are unsure whether yoga is right for you, consult yourRead More →

 ‘Living in a city is no barrier to learning to ride a horse.’ Photograph: Alamy In the city Living in a city is no barrier to learning to ride a horse. Vauxhall city farm, in the London borough of Lambeth, is overlooked by the MI6 building, and surrounded by high-rise blocks. ItRead More →

ide plank: hold for 30 seconds. Photograph: Getty Images If in doubt, check with a GP before trying a new regime 1 Multi-directional lunges, 2 mins After warming up, stand with legs hip-width apart. Step forward into a lunge, hold and return. Do the same to the side, and behind. RepeatRead More →