New Delhi: In a bid to encourage international students to learn Yoga, Human Resource Development Ministry has planned to introduce training courses under the Modi government’s ambitious ‘Study in India’ programme. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the ‘Study in India’ campaign in her maiden budget speech. The campaign focuses on bringingRead More →

Tailoring food supplements to improve gut microbiome development has resulted in better therapeutic foods to treat malnutrition in children(Credit: Wollwerth/Depositphotos) Fascinating new research suggests malnutrition in children can be better treated by therapeutic foods designed to boost and repair the gut microbiome, instead of more traditional energy- and nutrition-maximized supplements. ARead More →

Doctors often recommend certain dietary interventions — such as following a Mediterranean-type diet or cutting salt intake — in the interest of protecting heart health. On top of this, many individuals believe that dietary supplements will help them stay healthy. Can supplements and dietary interventions protect the heart? Not accordingRead More →

These days, we hear individuals’ inclination towards vegetarianism — from VIPs to models and even common people. For a considerable length of time there has been an on-going discussion on whether a vegetarian diet helps in weight loss. A Vegetarian diet can be divided into three sections — complete vegan, lacto veggie lover and lacto-ovoRead More →

When it comes to summer skin care, dermatologists stress the usual important stuff: practicing diligent sun protection, wearing UV-shielding clothes when possible, and switching to lighter serums and creams. This isn’t just advice they give their patients, though — no, derms truly practice what they preach. We know because Allure chatted with fiveRead More →