9 Mango Beauty Products For Your Summer Skin Care Routine

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9 Mango Beauty Products For Your Summer Skin Care Routine

Let your skin make the most of summer’s favourite fruit

There’s no denying mango is the flavour of summer; whether you’re topping it over ice-cream, eating it straight off the stone or even…applying it over it skin? Yes, you did hear that right. Besides being juicy and delicious, mango is also extremely beneficial for the skin. It is packed with vitamins A, E and K as well as potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Together, they aid in skin repair, reduce photo aging and excess oiliness. So don’t be surprised to find being the unofficial fruit of summer in beauty products while you’re eating it. Try it yourself with these 9 mango-enriched skin care products.

The Nyassa Alphonso Soap is made with mango butter and mango leaf extract that rejuvenates skin, prevents roughness and itching. It also has raw cane sugar with glycolic acid that guards against toxins.

Nyassa Alphonso Soap 150 Gm
(8% off)

The Face Shop Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Emulsion contains natural made mango seed butter that relieves dry skin and increases elasticity and glow without leaving a sticky residue behind.

The Face Shop Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Emulsion, 145 ml
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The Enliven Mango and Papaya Shower Gel will add a tropical touch to your showering routine with shea butter, vitamin E and scents of papaya and mango.

Enliven Mango and Papaya Shower Gel 400ml

The Body Shop Mango Body Yogurt is a vegan formula that’s quite unlike any other body moisturiser formulation. It is made with mango juice and almond milk in a gel-based formula that absorbs quickly, aims to moisturise for up to 48 hours and feels weightless on the skin.

The Body Shop Mango Body Yogurt, 48hr Moisturizer, 100% Vegan, 6.98 Fl. Oz
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The Rustic Art Vanilla Mango Organic Lip Moisturizer has an organic, vegan and cruelty-free formula with mango and vanilla to repair chapped lips and maintain their elasticity.

Rustic Art Mango Vanilla Lip Moisturizer

The Body Cupid Balinese Mango Shower Gel is created with pure shea butter and mango seed oil in a formula free of mineral oil, sulphates and parabens. It will leave your skin clean, supple, soft and tropically scented.

Body Cupid Balinese Mango Shower Gel, Yellow, 250ml
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The Satliva Mango Rosemary Face Cream has mango butter and oils of carrot seed, tea tree and rosemary to soothe roughness, itchiness and even prevent against UV rays.

Satliva Mango Rosemary Face Cream (20 gm)

The Nature’s Tattva Indian Mango Butter is unrefined, unprocessed mango butter from India. It is rich in fatty acids and detoxifying agents which together helps reduce the signs of aging, improves skin elasticity and relives sunburn.

Nature’s Tattva Raw Mango Unprocessed and Unrefined Butter, 100g

The Beauty Co. Mango Coffee Body Scrub contains natural mango extract with coffee to combat cellulite and revitalise skin.

The Beauty Co. Mango Coffee Scrub, 100 g
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