3 skincare mistakes you committed in 2019 and must avoid to make your skin healthier in the New Year

3 mistakes you made in 2019 that you should quit to make your skin healthier in the New Year | Photo by Park Street on Unsplash

New Delhi: As 2019 comes to an end, there are various New Year resolutions that we make to ourselves – it could be letting go of an unhealthy habit, following a new, healthier, better habit, or just making a few little positive changes in our life. People usually make a resolution to solve a problem they have been facing this year – they make a resolution to lose weight if they have gained excessive weight, try to quit smoking or drinking if they have been going overboard with it, and some may even resolute to make their skin better.

For people who have been facing problems like acne, rashes, redness, pigmentation, etc on their skin, making their skin better is a great New Year’s resolution. If you are planning to make your skin healthier in the New Year, here are a few skincare mistakes you may have made in the past year, that you should totally avoid in the New Year.

Not eating healthy

Whatever you eat, shows on your skin. If you eat unhealthy, processed, junk food, and do not drink enough water, or drink unhealthy beverages, you will see that your skin becomes dull, pigmented, dry, dehydrated, and may also break out more than usual. It will not matter how many skincare products you apply on the outside, you have to make your skin healthier from within.

Using too many skincare products

The previous point also brings us to another mistake that we very often make to make our skin healthier and better. When our skin becomes dull and dry, we often lather ourselves with skincare products that make all sorts of claims, very few of which are actually true. Instead of applying anything and everything available in the market, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist and apply products only with their recommendation.

Not know your skin type

Very few people are actually aware of what their skin type really is. This leads to a lot of confusion. Makeup, skincare products are applied according to the weather and the skin type. If you use products for an opposite skin type, you can experience problems like acne, rashes, itching, etc. You must identify your skin type before you decide to buy any products for your skin.